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Promo codes Finally Arrive To Google PlayStore

Google PlayStore introduces promo codes for apps, games and in-app purchases.  Using this added support on PlayStore, developers will be able to make promo codes, especially for paid apps and for making in-app purchases(but not for subscription content). Promo codes have


In our previous posts we are given the information regarding newly launched mobiles in 2015 within best price range under  Rs 10000/- .There are so many Smartphones coming in Indian market.But everyone waiting for something more with affordable price range.Lenovo company released their

Soon, pay bills via Twitter

Soon, Indian users will be able to pay their bills through twitter. Yes ! It is now true. Twitter has announced a partnership with India-based start-up Lookup to enable users to do so. It is reported that soon users of Twitter
video calling

WhatsApp – to get video calling soon – Everyone’s favourite app

WhatsApp might soon get a video calling feature. Facebook has been promising to add video calling to WhatsApp for over a year now and it looks like they could be on the cusp of releasing the feature in the coming days

What is Li-Fi(Light Fidelity)

What is Li-Fi?      Light Fidelity(Li-Fi) -The bright feature of 5G visible light communication systems. Li-Fi is an exciting breakthrough in 5G visual light communication systems and the future of wireless internet access. Li-Fi data transfer through LED(Light-emitting diode) bulbs. With Li-Fi, information

Boost your Wi-Fi Network

Boost Wi-Fi network  We show you how to improve your Wi-Fi, how to make your wireless broadband stretch further, download and upload faster, work more consistently, without spending a fortune. Many basic ways to improve your Wi-Fi network The first one
Mobile phone bills

Newly launched mobiles in 2015

Now-a-days smart phone is everyone choice, but many people are in the confusion state in buying process.Here we provide information about the smartphones phones specifications and its price range.In recent days many smartphones available at low price range with more features,