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Forbes 2016 World’s Billionaires

Meet the Richest People on the Planet. The wealthiest people in the World got a little less rich over the last year. Some blame dropping oil prices, a few got caught up in corruption scandals and most fortunes were squeezed by falling currencies and sluggish global economy. Still 1,810 billionaires made this year’s World’s Billionaires List, with a total net worth of $6.48 trillion, down from $7.05 trillion last year. Altogether, 221 former billionaires dropped out of the ranking, while 198 newcomers joined for the first time.



Beyond the numbers, their business touch every industry in each corner of the globe, weaving their brands across the fabrics of society.


1.Bill Gates$75 BMicrosoft
2.Amancio Ortega$67 BZara
3.Warren Buffett$60.8 BBerkshire Hathaway
4.Carlos Slim Helu$50 Btelecom
5.Jeff Bezos$45.2 BAmazon.com
6.Mark Zuckerberg$44.6 BFacebook
7.Larry Ellison$43.6 BOracle
8.Michael Bloomberg$40 BBloomberg LP
9.Charles Koch$39.6 Bdiversified
10.David Koch$39.6 Bdiversified
11.Liliane Bettencourt$36.1 BL’Oreal
12.Larry Page$35.2 BGoogle
13.Sergey Brin$34.4 BGoogle
14.Bernard Arnault$34 BLVMH
15.Jim Walton$33.6 BWal-Mart
16.Alice Walton$32.3 BWal-Mart
17.S. Robson Walton$31.9 BWal-Mart
18.Jianlin Wang$28.7 Breal estate
19.Jorge Paulo Lemann$27.8 Bbeer
20.Ka-shing Li$27.1 Bdiversified
21.Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr.$25.9 Bsupermarkets
22.Sheldon Adelson$25.2 Bcasinos
23.George Soros$24.9 Bhedge funds
24.Phil Knight$24.4 BNike
25.David Thomson$23.8 Bmedia
26.Steve Ballmer$23.5 BMicrosoft
27.Forrest Mars$23.4 Bcandy
28.Jacqueline Mars$23.4 Bcandy
29.John Mars$23.4 Bcandy
30.Maria Franca Fissolo$22.1 BNutella, Chocolates
31.Shau Kee Lee$21.5 Breal estate
32.Stefan Persson$20.8 BH&M
33.Jack Ma$20.5 BAlibaba
34.Theo Albrecht$20.3 BAldi, Trader Joe’s
35.Michael Dell$19.8 BDell
36.Mukesh Ambani$19.3 Bpetrochemicals, oil & gas
37.Leonardo Del Vecchio$18.7 Beyeglasses
38Susanne Klatten$18.5 BBMW, pharmaceuticals
39.Georg Schaeffler$18.1 Bball bearings
40.Paul Allen$17.5 BMicrosoft, Investments
41.Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud$17.3 BInvestments
42.Joseph Safra$17.2 Bbanking
43.Carl Icahn$17 Binvestments
44.Laurene Powell Jobs$16.7 BApple, Disney
45.Dilip Shanghvi$16.7 Bpharmaceuticals
46.Huateng Ma$16.6 Binternet portal
47.Dieter Schwarz$16.4 Bretail
48.Ray Dalio$15.6 Bhedge funds
49.Stefan Quandt$15.6 BBMW
50.James Simons$15.5 Bhedge funds
51.Aliko Dangote$15.4 Bcement, sugar, flour
52.Michael Otto$15.4 Bretail, real estate
53.Len Blavatnik$15.3 Bdiversified
54.Donald Bren$15.1 Breal estate
55.Azim Premji$15 Bsoftware services
56.Serge Dassault$14.7 Baviation
57.Tadashi Yanai$14.6 Bretail
58.Yu-tung Cheng$14.5 Bdiversified
59.Hinduja$14.5 BHinduja Group
60.Leonid Mikhelson$14.4 Bgas, chemicals
61.David & Simon Reuben$14.4 Binvestments, real estate
62.Stefano Pessina$13.4 Bdrugstores
63.Mikhail Fridman$13.3 Boil, banking, telecom
64.Dietrich Mateschitz$13.2 BRed Bull
65.Abigail Johnson$13.1 Bmoney management
66.Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen$13.1 BLego
67.Joseph Lau$13.1 Breal estate
68.Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor$13 Breal estate
69.Thomas & Raymond Kwok$13 Breal estate
70.Marcel Herrmann Telles$13 Bbeer
71.Henry Sy$12.9 BSM Investments Corporation
72.Steve Cohen$12.7 Bhedge funds
73.Pallonji Mistry$12.5 Bconstruction
74.Hans Rausing$12.5 Bpackaging
75.Alisher Usmanov$12.5 Bsteel, telecom, investments
76.Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken$12.3 BHeineken
77.Charles Ergen$12.2 Bsatellite TV
78.Ronald Perelman$12.1 Bleveraged buyouts
79.Vladimir Potanin$12.1 Bmetals
80.Stephen Ross$12 Breal estate
81.Patrick Soon-Shiong$11.9 Bpharmaceuticals
82Masayoshi Son$11.7 Binternet, telecom
83.Heinz Hermann Thiele$11.7 Bbrakes
84.Francois Pinault$11.5 Bretail
85.David Tepper$11.4 Bhedge funds
86.Gennady Timchenko$11.4 Boil & gas
87.Carlos Alberto Sicupira$11.3 Bbeer
88.Shiv Nadar$11.1 Bsoftware services
89.Thomas Peterffy$11.1 Bdiscount brokerage
90.Robin Li$11 Binternet search
91Alain Wertheimer$11 BChanel
92.Gerard Wertheimer$11 BChanel
93.Alexey Mordashov$10.9 Bsteel, investments
94.Elon Musk$10.7 BTesla Motors
95.Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi$10.7 Bbeverages
96.Petr Kellner$10.6 Bbanking, insurance
97.Rupert Murdoch$10.6 Bmedia
98.Viktor Vekselberg$10.5 Bmetals, energy
99.Lukas Walton$10.4 BWal-Mart
100.Eric Schmidt$10.2 BGoogle

The Youngest billionaire in the world is a 19 year old Norwegain heiress, Alexandra Andresen, who has a 42% in her family’s business.

Among Indian Billionaires:

There are 84 Indian billionaires listed in the Forbes annual ranking of the world’s billionaires for 2016, which is topped by Mukesh Ambani while IndiGo’s Father and son Kapil and Rahul Bhatia made their debut in list with a net worth of $3.1 billion.

Here is the list of top 10 Indian Billionaires:


  1. Mukesh Ambani

Net Worth: $19.3 B

Source of wealth: petrochemicals, oil & gas

  1. Laurene Powell Jobs

Net Worth: $16.7 B

Source of wealth: Apple, Disney

  1. Azim Premji

Net Worth: $15 B

Source of wealth: software services

  1. Shiv Nadar

Net Worth: $11.1 B

Source of wealth: software services

  1. John Fredriksen

Net Worth: $8.5 B

Source of wealth: shipping

  1. Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte

Net Worth: $8.4 B

Source of wealth: shipping

  1. John Grayken

Net Worth: $6.3 B

Source of wealth: private equity

  1. Giorgio Armani

Net Worth: $6.1 B

Source of wealth: Armani

  1. Zhidong Zhang

Net Worth: $5.9 B

Source of wealth: internet media


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