Best Dictionary Apps For Android To Improve Your Vocabulary

Why would you need dictionary apps for Android? In this article, we will be pointing out the best dictionary apps for your Android device. Dictionary apps are convenient, they make things easier for figure out the meaning of every word without referring to a dictionary. There are many dictionary apps available for Android. So, to know more about the words found in the dictionary we can make use of some of the best dictionary apps for Android. Besides being convenient for looking up words, dictionary apps can be a great way to add to your vocabulary. Some of them even have special features that help you learn.


Best Dictionary Apps Your Android

There aren’t many English dictionaries on the Play Store. But, the ones we have picked would definitely help you improve your vocabulary skills. So, it’s an easy pick for you and for us as well. Let’s check them out!


This app is easy to use. It works offline and lets you save words if you’re making a vocabulary list (or just like how they sound!). It is one of the most popular dictionary apps for Android.  They are one of the biggest portals that people use to search for meanings and for synonyms as well.

  • You can enable the offline mode without paying a dime.
  • In addition, it lets you know about the word of the day, of course, you can disable the “word of the day” notification from the settings.

The user interface is quite simple and good enough for a great user experience. 

Download by just click on the link.

2. Dictionary – WordWeb

WordWeb is a free offline dictionary app that’s very popular on the Play Store. It does not offer any kind of paid subscription plans. You can search for just about anything and you can get the meaning, synonyms, and some more details.

Download Dictionary – WordWeb by just click on the link.

3. English Dictionary – Offline

It is a dedicated offline dictionary for Android devices.

This app offers some interesting features.

  • You can change the theme colors, adjust the line spacing and also gives you the ability to customize the visible items for a word (synonyms, antonyms, prefix etc.)
  • You can also backup / restore the database .
  • Not sure which word to search for? Try using “Random words“. The option displays you random words to look for and helps to improve your vocabulary.

Download English Dictionary by just click on the link

4. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Have you ever had trouble finding a word because you didn’t know how to spell it? No problem—Merriam-Webster lets you search for words by speaking them! This awesome feature is perfect for when you hear a word you don’t understand. You can look it up even if you’re not sure how it’s written.

Merriam-Webster is a well-known dictionary and has high-quality definitions—all available offline. It lets you save favorites, has a word of the day and keeps track of recent searches you did.

Download Dictionary – Merriam-Webster by just click on the link. 

5. Oxford Dictionary of English

It’s an ad-free dictionary with offline support included. On the off chance, if you were looking for a basic dictionary app that only provides you the information on a word and the pronunciation for it as well, this is the one you’ve been searching for. Just like other dictionary apps, it delivers a “word of the day” though we did not find an option to enable/disable notifications for it. So, you’ll have to launch the app every day to know about the “word of the day”.

Download Oxford Dictionary of English by just click on the link.

6. Advanced Offline Dictionary

If you simply want an app to help you with straightforward meanings, this would be it. It does not offer additional features, except for its offline functionality and the support for text-to-speech function.

It brings in an old user interface which may not be appealing enough. But, if you only require a short meaning to a word offline, you should get this installed.

Download Advanced Offline Dictionary by just click on the link.

It would always be useful when you have a dictionary app installed on your device. So, have you found your new favorite dictionary app? Download one of these awesome apps and try it out. From now on, you’ll always have the meaning of a new word…right in your pocket! If you do not stay connected to the Internet (most of the time) then an offline dictionary would save you.

Which dictionary app do you use? Did we miss any of your favorite dictionary apps for Android? Let us know in the comments section below.

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