How to Improve OK Google Commands Better than Anyone Else

OK Google: Hai Everyone today I going to Guide about “OK Google”. With the help of Ok Google Commands, you can operate every option on your Android device. OK Google, Help you to use voice command to create reminders and Voice Search on Google. Do you know how to play music without touching your mobile? Most of the people answer “No”, Just follow my article after that your can say “Yes”. So, go ahead, say the magic words or tap the hell out of that microphone button and try them out yourself!

ok google

Turn on Ok Google

Note: Make sure you have the latest version of the Google app.

OK Google Settings: Before we get into all possible commands, You should Turn on “Ok Google”. Let’s start your voice search.

  • Open the Google app.
  • At the top left, touch Menu
  • Select Settings
  • In the Popup Menu Select Voice.
  • Activate “OK Google” detection.
  • Check the box next to “From Google app.”

For certain devices, you can also change some settings to turn on “Okey Google” detection outside the Google app:

  • Check the box next to “From any screen” or “Always on.” 
  • Follow the instructions to teach Google what your voice sounds like.
    Note: “Always on” isn’t supported in all languages. If you’re unable to turn this feature on, your language may not be supported.

Keep in mind, the “From any screen” setting may prevent other voice services that use hotwords or wake up commands from working. For example, if you have a Samsung S6 and turn on S-Voice to use the wake up command “Hi Galaxy,” it may not work if “From any screen” is turned on. (These Points from Google official site)

OK Google “OK Google Commands”

  • There are two ways to say Google search Voice

With newer Android devices, just say “OK Google,” followed by a question or task. For example, if I wanted to know the directions, you could say “OK Google, Navigate to Place Name” and a few seconds later Google Now would provide the directions to the place where you want to go.

Tap on the microphone icon in the Google search bar, and skip the “OK, Google” portion of the conversation. If you search bar isn’t on a home screen, swipe right from the primary home screen to see Google Now. 

  • Entertainment

“Play YouTube”

“Listen to TV”

“Play song Name”

“Play some music”

“What’s this song?”(Find which song playing)

“Next Song/Pause Song”

“Show me pictures of Justin Bieber”

“What movies are playing (Afternoon)? Where is Playing?”

“Take a Picture”

“Record a Video”

  • Directions & Travel

“Navigate to Home/Office”

“Where’s the closest movie Theatres/?”

“What are the some attractions in Sentosa island”(Play your trips)

“Show me flights timing” or Where’s my hotel?”

What are some attractions around here?

What is dollar value today?

“How far is Delhi from Bangalore?”

“Directions to Address”

“Show me the menu for Non-Veg Specials”

Most Used Commands try and enjoy

“Give me love quotes”

“Flip a die”

“Show me gift ideas for special occasion”

“Show me where I am”

“How to attract girls”

“Activate on WiFi”

“Play Pacman”

  • Sports

“Live Cricket match score”

“When is the next Match”(for example: When is the India vs England Match)

“Who won the toss”

  • Flight Information

“Flight SpiceJet AA 143”

“Flight status of Spicejet AA 143”

“Has AB landed?”

“When will Spicejet AA143 land/depart?”

“Show me my flights”

  • Time and date

“What time is it in (U.S)?”

“When is the sunset (in Washington, D.C)”

“What is the time zone of (Texas)”

“Time at home”

“Create a calendar event: (Dinner in Texas) (Saturday at 9 PM)”

  • Mobile Control and tools

“Turn Wi-Fi on/off”

“Turn Bluetooth on/off”

“Turn my flashlight on/off”

“Turn airplane mode on/off”

“Turn up/down the volume”

“Dim/brighten the screen”

“Enable/disable (battery saver mode)”

“Take a photo/selfie”

“Record a Video”

“Set a time for (20 minutes)”

“Open Chrome”


“Bubble level”

  • Communication

“Call to (Sri)” “Call (Sri) on speaker phone”

“Call (mom, dad, brother, sister)”

“Send (Gmail) to Sri, (Subject: Meeting), (Message: Will be there in 6)”

“Send (SMS) to (LeTv mobile), (don’t forget to buy milk)”

“Contact name”

“Find (Sri’s) (Phone number / email / address)”

“Listen to Voicemail”

“When is (Mary’s) birthday?”

  • App-specific commands

“Send a (WhatsApp)(WeChat)(Hangouts)(Viber)(NextPlus) message to (Join)”

“Send a message to (Mom) with (Hangouts)”

“Search for (Document name) in Drive”

“Set the temperature to (X) degrees” (only works with Nest)

“Open TuneIn car mode”

  • Reminders, Notes & Calendar

“Remind me to (buy milk) at (5 PM)”

“Add a reminder”

“Remind me (when I get / next time I’m at) (home / work / other location) (to send an email to John)”

“Wake me up in (4 hours)”

“Wake me up at (06:00 AM) (every day)”

Note to self: (I parked my car in section D)”

Make a note to (insert note here. You can also add a specific app name)”

“Set alarm for (6 PM)”

 “Set an alarm for in (54) minutes”

“Set a repeating alarm for (09:30 AM)”

“Set a repeating alarm at (01:00 PM) for (Monday)”

“Show me my alarm”

“When is my next alarm?”

“Set a timer for 20 minutes”

“Create a calendar event: (Party with Friends) (Sunday at 9 PM)”

“When is my next meeting?”

“What is my schedule for tomorrow?”

OK Google Extension

Google Now has become a playing large role of our life and will probably be even more prominent in future updates. Google search by voice commands you should know. OK Google Help playing around with new voice commands, your audio history will show the new voice snippets seconds after your phone’s Google Now gave you an answer. 

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