Boost Your Wi-Fi Network

We show you how to improve your Wi-Fi, how to make your wireless broadband stretch further, download and upload faster, work more consistently, without spending a fortune.

Many basic ways to improve your Wi-Fi network

  • The first one is placing the router in the center of the area you want it to cover.
  • keeping the router away from metal objects that could block signals.
  • The best place for them may not be behind the TV or inside a cabinet out of sight.


Boost Wi-Fi network 

Find the best place for your Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi routers are not easy to place. Although they may seem unsightly with their blinking lights, the best place for them may not be behind the TV or inside a cabinet out of sight. The best place may be in center of your house, Placing Wi-Fi router next to your devices may not also be great for signal, particularly streaming devices. Ethernet cable connections may be best for these if they are close to each other. But try to avoid putting your Wi-Fi router next to brick walls or metal, which can interfere with or limit signals.

If your devices are compatible, switch to a stronger signal 

Modern devices, like iphones, ipads, notebooks, and Android devices, often work with the latest networking standards. Depending on the age of devices, they not be compatible with 802.11n or 802.11ac. But if your devices are less than one-year-old, you may be able to switch to those newer standards to ensure stronger signal and faster speeds.

Cuts out network hijackers, Security is key

Adding WPA2 security to your Wi-Fi(with a strong password) will reduce the chances of people using your network for streaming and downloading. This will overall improve your net speed.

Wi-Fi quality of services to limit bandwidth hogging apps

Quality of Service allows you to limit the amount of bandwidth certain apps can you use, Which can be handy if you stream a lot of video or TV content. Means Certain Services and apps can be dedicated with the greatest speeds and lowest lag, while other apps such as downloaders can be limited at certain times of the day.

Wi-Fi channels can reduce interference

Having  your  network(Wi-Fi) on the same “channel” as other devices in your neighborhood can cause interference with your network. You can use third-party Wi-Fi scanners to determine which channel networks around you are on. Picking one that isn’t in use can increase the performance of your network.

Buy a repeater you are in a big house

These devices are generally cheap, you could invest in a Wi-Fi repeater. Some routers already provide “access point” functionality and can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network considerably.

Switch to longer 2.4GHz band to prevent wide broadcast

Modern routers have 2 frequency band settings: 2.4GHz, which is helpful for long range signal, and 5GHz, which offers short-range signal. While there are no significant compromises network speed. Your best option is to pick the 5Ghz band as it reduces the number of people who could access your network without authorization. The fewer people on your network sucking up bandwidth, the faster it is for you.

More advanced router

Swallow the cost of a better, more advanced router. Worst case scenario is that you need to swallow the cost of a more expensive, modern router. These offer the best security features, the faster speeds, and the greatest backward compatibility with your devices.