Cricket Record scores 1009 runs by Indian School boy(Pranav Dhanawade)

A Mumbai school cricketer Pranav Dhanawade on Tuesday became the first batsman in the history of cricket to cross the 1000-runs mark.

Pranav said “When I started I never thought about breaking the record. The focus was never that. I just played my natural game, which is to attack from the word go. After reaching 300, my coach Harish Sharma told me to play on. I did not know of the world record, but We had the Indian record (Shaw’s 546) in mind.”


Sensational news from India where 15-year-old Pranav Dhanawade son of a rickshaw driver, playing for KC Gandhi High School, hits the world record 1,009* in one innings from 323 deliveries(59 sixes and 129 fours). Fifteen-year-old Pranav Dhanawade broke the previous record of 628 set by Arthur Collins in 1899 on Monday. He is the first Cricketer to navigate the nervous 990s. Pranav has shattered a 117-year-old record that was not there to be beaten so much marvelled atTo Mumbai, then, as word spreads that one of the oldest records in cricket has not only been broken, but split, shattered and smashed. 

Scores :

KC Gandhi English School, Kalyan Vs Arya Gurukul (Kalyan)

Toss: Arya Gurukul (Kalyan) won the toss and elected to bat.

Result: KC Gandhi School, Kalyan won by an innings & 1362 runs

Arya Gurukul

1st Innings: 31 all out in 17 overs (Chinmay Patil 5/3, Sahil Shetty 3/14)

2nd Innings: 72 all out in 14.5 overs (Aayush Kamath 8/16 (including hat-trick)

KC Gandhi School, Kalyan

1st Innings: 1465/3 (declared) in 94 overs (Pranav Dhanawade 1009 not out, 396 mins, 327 balls, 129 boundaries, 59 sixes; Akash Singh 173 runs, 140 mins, 92 balls, 29 boundaries; Siddhesh Patil 137 runs, 143 mins, 92 balls, 19 boundaries; Shaswat Jagtap 58 runs, 69 mins, 31 balls, 5 boundaries , 2 sixes; Aman Yadav 36 n.o. runs, 39 mins, 25 balls, 5 boundaries)

What particularly delighted the teenager was the fact that his feat arrived in the presence of his father Prashant, an auto rickshaw driver. “I actually got to watch him only after he had crossed 300,” Prashant said. “A father of one of his friends called me and asked, ‘you are not at the ground?’. So I immediately rushed to the venue. It’s obviously a very proud day. It’s a reward for 11 years of his hard work,” he added. Fondly recalling memories of how he would juggle his modest job with accompanying a younger Pranav to his cricket coaching sessions four times a week, Prashant elaborated on the struggle that the Kalyan-based family had to wage. “There’s a lot of talent in our area but we lack proper facilities for children to play and get trained. For this reason, when Pranav turned nine, I enrolled him for coaching at MIG in Bandra.


“I would drive my rickshaw in the morning and then we’d leave for MIG in the afternoon and return at night. I stopped accompanying him towards the end of 2014 as he had learnt how to travel on his own by then. Since then he has been going with a group of other boys,” said Prashant.

Just as proud of Pranav’s golden moment was his longtime coach Mobin Shaikh. “I’ve been an MCA coach for the past 25 years, but this is something special,” said Shaikh. “It’s not a matter of how many runs he has scored but the fact that he has opened a door for youngsters here. It is my hope that Pranav’s feat can be a new dawn for the sport in this part of the city.”

Celebrities tweets:


Little Master Sachin Tendulkar congratulated the Mumbai-lad for his achievement. “Congrats #PranavDhanawade on being the first ever to score 1000 runs in an innings. Well done and work hard. You need to scale new peaks!”.

“It’s not easy to score so many runs. It’s something that is very rare,” Dhoni said.