Facebook is Bringing more 3D Touch Support to its iOS app Soon

Facebook iOS app will soon include support for 3D Touch feature, introduced Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, within the app’s timeline and News Feed. With a light  press, users can preview all kinds of content and even act on it without having to actually open it up. Facebook says peek and pop will work with “web links, profiles, pages, groups, events, photos, profile pictures, and cover photos.” Facebook doesn’t detail any of the changes, but rather states that Facebook periodically updates its app to add new features and performance and reliability improvements. Now, however, the social network is bringing Peek and Pop controls into the app itself.


The report quotes a Facebook spokesperson as saying, “We are excited to start rolling out support for 3D Touch in our iOS app so people can quickly and easily peek into a preview of anything they are interested in on Facebook, and pop into that content to see more.”

Facebook is also adding another quick action shortcut to the homescreen icon. Right now, the quick actions are mostly used to perform tasks such as writing a post and uploading or taking photos/videos, but the company is introducing a new action that will take users directly to their timeline.

Note that you might not have 3D Touch just yet, however. Facebook says it’s just beginning to roll out 3D Touch on the Timeline to a “small group” of people, and will later expand the roll out more broadly in the “coming months.”


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