How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

Facebook is the most popular platform, where the users can share videos and photos, chat with others, contact business and can do much more. If you are one who uses Facebook more, then you come to know that to download a video from Facebook on your iPhone is not possible easily. So here we are to make that possible with a very few simple steps.

download facebook videos on iphone

In this article, we are showing three different methods to download Facebook video to your iPhone. These methods will help you to download the video and forward in other apps also. The three methods are Online Facebook downloader, Facebook ++, video download software.

How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

Here we are going to share three methods to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone. you can watch favourite videos offline later on without having an internet connection. Although downloading Facebook videos to iPhone is not a straightforward process, we can makes it easier for you by following methods. Go through below article you need to know step by step process how to download videos from Facebook on iPhone. 

Download Videos from Facebook Downloader:

You can see that there are many video downloaders online where you can download Facebook videos. Let’s take an example as FBDOWNLOAD which help you to download Facebook video and you need the supports to file such as “DManager”.

  1. Download DManager app from App store.
  2. Now open your Facebook App and go to the Video that you want to download.
  3. Click on Share button in bottom right corner and then press Copy link. 
  4. Open the DManager app and type in the URL bar.
  5. Now paste the video link in search box and click on download button.
  6. Here you can see a pop-up menu which contains a list of options and now click on download again. 
  7. The app starts downloading the video and you can see the progress in download tab.
  8. Once the video downloaded just swipe it right and select Action> Open In.
  9. From the share sheet, select save video. That’s if you have your favorite video on your phone

Use Facebook++

Facebook++ is an unofficial app that helps you to get new features to your Facebook, including downloading the videos. You can download this app by Cydia Impactor and use it on your iPhone. You must delete the original Facebook app in your phone because it shows error when you’re downloading Facebook ++.

Step 1: Download the Facebook ++ and also download Cydia Impactor for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and open Cydia Impactor. 

Step 3: Copy and paste the Facebook ++ file onto Cydia Impactor.

Step 4: Now you have to enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 5: Cydia Impactor starts installing Facebook ++ on your device, after installation you can see facebook’s icon on your iPhone home screen.

Step 6: Before opening it, open settings>general>profiles (or Device management).

Step 7: click on profile with your Apple ID and select trust button.

Step 8: Now open Facebook ++ app and select the video you want to download.

Step 9: Now click on save button which will download the video and enjoy your favorite videos. 

With Help of Video Downloader Software:

There are so many video downloading software that allows you to download your favorite videos. One of them is 4KDownload which supports Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Using this software you can download your Facebook videos to your computer and copy them to your iPhone with Airdrop or file transfer software for iOS.

That’s it; these are the 3 methods for downloading and savings videos from Facebook to your iPhone.