How to Increase the Battery Life for Android Mobiles

Every smartphone user face a major problem about poor battery life in Android mobiles. It has improved over time, but poor battery life is still one of the most complained about issues with Android mobiles, and nearly everyone is looking for ways to make their charge last longer. But don’t worry here I got some best tips to increase your android smartphone battery life. Hopefully, there are enough methods here. Just follow this step by step guide and implement it on your smartphone. As you can see, these steps aren’t technical and are just general guiding principles that anyone could follow in their day to day life.

mobile battery life increase

  • One of the main reasons for poor battery life is applications running in the background.
  •  Most of the Android mobiles have higher display resolution, brightness, and contrast; which also uses a lot of battery power.

It’s necessary to understand what drains your Android battery before you can take steps to make your Android charge last longer. You can gain a lot of insight by going to Settings ⇒ About Phone ⇒ Battery ⇒ Battery Use.

How Can I Improve My Android Phone’s Battery Life? 

Apps Running Background

Turn off background notifications for most services. Make sure you exit an application by pressing the ‘Exit’ button or Back button, and not the Home button. Home button will leave the recently opened application (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to run in the background, where it uses too much battery power.

Stop the applications that run in the background even after you thought you closed them.

  • Go to Settings ⇒ Applications ⇒ Running Services ⇒ Click the application ⇒ Stop the application. You may need to force close certain apps to save battery life. Or uninstall them.
  • Keep your apps updated. An update can fix the bug or errors that is causing the app to use more battery than what should be necessary. Turn off app notifications.
  • You need set a reminder that will remind you played your game in a while.

Avoid Overheating

Try to avoid keeping your phone in temperatures warmer than 95 degrees, especially for extended periods of time. Don’t use your phone while it is still charging. Take off the case if your phone seems hot.

playing game in a while can be hard on the battery and can cause overheating.

Screen brightness

Reduce your screen brightness. It is important to use only the brightness necessary to save battery life.

Note: Do not compromise readability, of course.

Most battery power is used to light the display.

  • Adjust the display brightness setting, go to Settings ⇒ Display Settings ⇒ Brightness ⇒ Select manually / enable Automatic brightness.

Turn off Wi-Fi, Data pack, Bluetooth, and GPS

Use Wi-Fi, Data pack, Bluetooth and GPS only when it is required. Other than Turn off WIFI, Bluetooth, Data pack, GPS and also Auto rotation when not needed.

  • Go to Settings ⇒ Wireless & Networks ⇒ Wi-Fi settings (Select off).
  • For Bluetooth, Go to Settings ⇒ Bluetooth Settings ⇒Turnoff.
  • For GPS Go to Settings ⇒ Location and Security ⇒ Use GPS satellites. You can disable battery killers in seconds using these shortcuts.

Some phones allow you to set a Do Not Disturb or Sleep schedule that lets you specify times when you don’t need Wi-Fi or mobile data, and disables them for you. Go to Settings ⇒ Device ⇒ Sound to select Do Not Disturb.

Automatic Updates

Disabling “Automatic Updates” will ensure that the update of an application does not happen in the background. You can also specify the conditions, such as automatic updates only taking place when the phone connects to Wi-Fi.

This small activity is a simple way to increase the battery life of your phones.

  • Go to Google Play store ⇒ Select the app ⇒ Uncheck the automatic update.

Disable Auto-Sync

When Auto sync is ON, mobile usage is high, your app connects to mobile data to get the latest information. This data connection automatically start syncing your accounts which will kill your battery life.

  • Go to Settings ⇒ Accounts and Sync Settings ⇒ Disable Auto-sync.

Use Power Saving Mode

This will limit CPU speeds, turn off the lights, and shorten the display timeout, among other things. When the choice is your phone dying or remaining on in a limited state, this option doesn’t seem too bad. In that case, use the following tips to extend smartphone battery life.

  • Go to Settings ⇒ Battery or tap the battery icon in your Quick Settings. Some Androids will allow setup to turn on the mode automatically if the phone reaches a certain battery percentage level you define.
  • It can also go by the name Battery Saving Mode as well as other variations.

Disable Background Data

Background data gives permission to an app to use the mobile data and run in the background. For example, Hangouts will use the mobile data if the background data is enabled and it will show you as being online. This type of battery use behind the scenes will reduce your battery life. To put a stop to it by following settings

  • Go to Settings ⇒ Accounts and Sync Settings ⇒ Disable Background Data.

Disable “OK Google”

Go to Google Now screen by pressing and holding your Home button or swiping left on some devices.

  1. Tap the Menu icon (three lines) in the upper left corner.
  2. Choose Settings ⇒ Voice ⇒ OK Google Detection. Disable From the Google App is setting.

You can also select other options to disable, such as From Any Screen or Personal Results.

Google Now is an Android App. Google Now is lumped in with Google Services when reporting battery usage, but you could see a dramatic decline in the percentage Google Services uses after disabling the Google Now app only. It keeps your phone always listening, always ready for your command.

Reduce Screen Timeout

Android automatically dimming and turning the screen off after a certain amount of time?

On Android Marshmallow, there’s a new feature called Doze, and you don’t even have to do anything to activate it except keep your phone still.

  • On other versions of Android, try going to Settings ⇒ Display and choosing Sleep or Screen Timeout.

Make Wise Wallpaper Decisions

Live wallpapers and Animated wallpapers run in the background every time you unlock your mobile. If you need to save your battery, consider compromising by not using animated wallpapers. Avoid applications with animated wallpapers as well.

  • You can also Go to Settings ⇒ Display ⇒ Wallpapers ⇒ Disable Animation/live wallpaper.

If your phone has an AMOLED screen, using Black or Darker wallpaper can reduce consumption of battery surprisingly well (the darker wallpaper theory does not seem to apply to phones with LCD screens, because of how light fiters through the screen).


Recent days, there are lots of widgets available in the Android market. Most of the widgets are a live feed, which constantly runs in the background and kill battery life on Androids. Remove live feed widgets unless you just have to have them.

  • Select your Widget ⇒ Press and hold ⇒ delete.

Turn Off Vibrations and Haptic Feedback

  • Go to Settings ⇒ Sound and Notification or and uncheck Vibrate When Ringing.
  • Your next stop is Other Sounds or Language and Input.
  • DisableHaptic Feedback and Vibrate when Tapped. It is possible to configure whether you want specific apps to vibrate, so you can still use the feature on apps that are needed to you. Few phones will let you toggle the notification reminder to OFF in the Accessibility setting.

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