How to run 2 whatsapp accounts in one mobile

Whatsapp is a messenger and it works on smartphones.Now a days it is used by most of the people, who are interested in chatting, sharing information like videos, pictures, songs and by using Whatsapp we can make calls with free of cost.To perform all these activities, it needs some data balance.Android mobiles generally now comes up with a dual sim function facility, but Whatsapp account is only for one mobile number.Many people want to two individual Whatsapp accounts for their two different mobile numbers.For those persons here is a good news about two Whatsapp accounts in same mobile.

Procedure to run 2 Whatsapp accounts in same mobile:

Before following steps we need to check out some basic requirements – android mobile phone ( whether rooted or Non-rooted ), Internet connection ( 2g/3g/4g/wifi ), OGWhatsapp Apk file.

To install dual Whatsapp in same mobile, you have to follow the following simple steps.

OG Whatsapp Method

step 1 : First up on backup your whatsapp data like messages and other important  conversations.


step 2 : After backup of your Whatsapp data, then follow the following procedure open settings – select Applications – choose Whatsapp – then you will have the following picture message.Now clear Whatsapp data.


step 3 : After clear whatsapp data, Go to sd card (memory card) and rename the whatsapp name as OGwhatsapp.


step 4 : After rename process, you should uninstall your official whatsapp account in your android device.

step 5 : Now, it’s time to install OGwhatsapp apk file in your android device.

step 6 : After installation step it will ask your mobile number, Now give your same mobile number which is already given in the official Whatsapp earlier.


step 7 : When given the mobile number you have the above message, Click ok.

step 8 : Now OGwhatsapp account is ready with your old number.

step 9 : For second Whatsapp account, you need to go to play store and download official Whatsapp application.

step 10 : After installation of new whatsapp it will ask for your number, then give your  desired number which one you want to be for the second whatsapp account.

Now you are successfully install 2 Whatsapp accounts in your single android device.