Italian Actor Raphael Schumacher Brain Dead After Onstage Hanging Scene Goes Terribly Wrong: Report

An Italian actor has been declared brain dead on Friday, February 5, after a suicide scene in a stage performance went terribly wrong on Saturday, January 30, according to reports, Raphael is only 27-years Old. He underwent a six-hour procedure on Thursday to establish brain activity, but his condition did not improve. The Teatro Lux in Pisa said in a statement it was closing for 10 days because “following the unthinkable tragedy…we think it right to suspend all our activities, including shows.”

The incident occurred during a private performance on Jan, 30. A medical student observing the performance noticed that Schumacher was trembling during the hanging scene and intervened, removing the mask from his face and loosening the noose around his neck.

Schumacher’s condition has been deteriorating since he was taken to a local hospital on Sunday. He did not respond to treatment and doctors suggested he had suffered severe and probably irreversible brain damage.

Schumacher underwent a six-hour procedure on Thursday after he failed to respond to treatments. “The family and the prosecutor’s office have both authorized that his organs be donated, but their removal will be subject to a medical assessment to be performed in the course of the night,” the hospital said in a statement on Thursday.

“we are shocked,” Gabriele De Luca the theater’s art director, told the Daily Mail. “No one, not even us, understands how this happened.” However, De Luca also told the Italian newspaper || Giorno that Schumacher had altered the script to replace fake gunshots with the noose.

The scene was allegedly written into the show last-minute, according to Italian newspaper || Giorno. At the time of the incident, Schumacher was wearing a cover over his face.

“The Orginal monologue included a fake gunshot, but he eventually decided for the hanging – without telling us,” directors of the theater company told the Media.

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident to insure that proper safety precautions were followed.