This leather wallet has a built-in battery to charge your iPhone

iPhone users, rejoice! One of the biggest woes of the smartphone users is when the battery runs out after only a few hours. You start with 100%, which by some sort of sorcery metamorphoses into 15%.

In a world where background updates, location tracking, and 24/7 bluetooth constantly drain our batteries, it’s not unheard of to run out of juice just a few hours into your day.

That moment is when everyone hits the panic button and starts hunting for a plug point and charger. The problem isn’t exactly unheard of, especially if you own an iPhone other than the 6 plus or 6S plus.

Battery packs, car chargers, battery cases, etc., are a solution, but can prove to be a bit bulky and heavy.

If you are one of those iPhone users, then you are about to get lucky!. So here’s another option; buy this wallet with a built-in battery pack.

The leather wallet is made by Nomad, purveyor of unique accessories for the Apple Watch and other iOS devices.

It comes in two sizes:

  1. Slim Back

  2. Bi-Fold Back

Slim and Bi-fold, both of which pack a 2400 mAh battery. This capacity is enough to fully charge an iPhone 6.

The slim sells for $119.95 and the bi-fold for $149.95.

The batteries in both the slim, as well as the bi-fold version, are fitted into the spine of the wallet, which makes it slightly bigger than normal wallets, but at least it will rid you of hunting and lugging around for a charger or a battery pack in your bag or purse.

This capacity is enough to fully charge an iPhone 6. The battery is literally built-in to the wallet (so it’s non removable), and includes an integrated Lightening cable, plus Micro USB port that is used to charge the battery.

The wallet itself is just as nice. Nomad recruited Horween Leather Company, a Chicago-based tannery that provides leather to make game balls for the NFL and NBA and gloves for MLB.

The slim sells for $119.95 and the bi-fold for $149.95, which is a ridiculous price to pay for just a battery pack, but what you’re paying for is the wallet’s high quality leather. In fact, the $30 price difference is solely to account for the extra leather in the bi-fold, and the company says the leather is by far the most expensive component of the wallet’s manufacturing price.

Both versions conceal the battery into the spine of the wallet, and while they may be slightly bigger than a regular wallet, owners will no longer have to schlep around a battery pack anymore.