NETGEAR Router IP Address | Default Username, Password

Netgear router’s Default IP Address: When you buy a Netgear router, Many of You might Wonder How to access Netgear wireless router and change the Settings. Today we will Talk About inside Netgear Router setting, most of the repeated problems and Helpful Security Steps with easy tips to troubleshoot Netgear Wireless Router. In order to make any changes inside Netgear router, you need to login by using default Netgear IP Address. Please know that Netgear Device is a Local Console and It Can Be Only Acces while You Are Connected To Netgear wireless router with username and password.

Netgear Router IP Address

Let’s us start by Listing out Most of Netgear Wireless Related Problem That Can cause Internet Disturbance At Your Home if You are Using a Netgear Wireless Router.

NETGEAR Router IP Address Default

When first time setting up a router, Lot of people get confused to find out the default IP address. Here is your default Netgear router IP.

  • The default IP address of NETGEAR wireless routers is usually In this case, you can connect to the router through its URL, which is “http://” followed by the URL:
  • And If that URL doesn’t work Try (sometimes .com) as your Default Gateway to access Netgear.

There Are always More Ways to solve Netgear router-related problems. If You Need any other Help With Netgear Router Or Please Refer to these Links

Netgear Router Password and Username  

Once your router is ready for you to begin setting up. You will need to log in using a web browser to configure it.

  1. Open a browser on the connected computer/Smart Mobile and navigate to You should see the Netgear router login page.
  2. The default login = “admin” for the username and password = “password”. Type those in and log in.

You should now see a Netgear router configuration page with basic network information.

Change DEFAULT Password on a NETGEAR Router

Now you have connected, powered up and logged into your Netgear router, it’s time to configure it. The first things you should always do is change the default password, check for firmware updates and set up WiFi if you need it.

Leaving the password as default is an obvious security hole that we don’t want to leave open. Netgear routers are pretty secure but everyone knows to try password for the admin login so we need to change that fast.

  1. Click on Advanced tab from the configuration menu categories.
  2. Select Administration and Change the Password.
  3. Type the default password (password) where it asks for the old password.
  4. Type a new desired password two times where prompted.
  5. Click Apply/Save.

If you’re the forgetful type, you can check the box next to Enable Password Recovery but this is a security vulnerability you could do without. Only select this if you really think you might forget the password.

Set Up a WIFI Network/Wifi Settings

Setting up and security WiFi is our final step in initial setup.

  1. Select the Wireless settings under Setup from Netgear configuration menu.
  2. Under wireless Network change the Name (SSID) and Password (should be 8 characters).
  3. Uncheck the box next to ‘Enable Router’s PIN’ for extra security.
  4. Select WPS Settings and make sure the box next to ‘Disable Router’s PIN’ is checked.
  5. Under Security Options and select ‘WPA2-PSK (AES)’.
  6. Select Apply.

Remember to click Apply to save the changes. Note: If your device disconnects from the wireless network, view the available wireless network again and type the new WiFi network key/password.

Your wireless network is now ready and any smart mobile that wants to connect will need the password to able to use your network. Enter Your wireless password, enjoy the internet.

I think this article will give you the complete details regarding  NETGEAR Router Settings.