The Real Face of Jesus Christ

Is this the true face of Jesus Christ? Forensic facial experts discover Jesus Christ face using ancient skulls.

Forensic facial experts discover Jesus Christ face and reveal the most famous face in history(Advances in forensic science). The “son of God” Nazareth, Jesus Christ was very different in appearance than what is shown in religious picture. The real face of “Jesus Christ” created by British medical artist Richard Neave. Neave a medical artist retired from the University of Machester in England. This is Not Neave’s first discovery as he has ventured into controversial areas before. Over the past two decades, he had reconstructed a number of famous faces, few of them Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, and King Midas of Phrygia.

Jesus Christ

In order to create an accurate portrait of Jesus Christ, Neave and his research team’s first step was to acquire skulls from Jerusalem, the region where Jesus lived and preached. Semite skulls of this type had previously been found by Israeli archeology experts, who shared them with Neave. With three well-preserved specimens from the time of Jesus in hand, they used computerized tomography to create X-ray “slices” of the skulls, thus revealing minute details about each one’s structure.


Special computer programmes then evaluated reams of information about known measurements of the thickness of soft tissue at certain areas on human faces. This possible to re-create the muscles and skin overlying a representative Semite skull.

Richard Neave words

“I made a plaster cast of the skull which gives me something to work on,” Neave told the BBC.

“Then I put clay over it and, using soft tissue measurements, build up the anatomy of the face,”

“Inevitably there are some areas where you have to speculate, particularly if part of skull are missing,”

Neave used the fact that before Christ’s death, Judas Iscariot had to tell the soldiers who Jesus was because they could not tell him apart from his disciples.

Used Technique 

Dr. Richard Neave, previously from the University of Manchester, used a technique called “forensic anthropology” as well as fragments of information from the Bible and special computer programmes, to create the image resemble the religious figure(Jesus), Popular Mechanics reported.


Neave and the research team decided that Jesus had dark eyes, hair and skin, like his counterparts and was bearded in the Jewish tradition. Neave and his research team were provided with Semite skulls which they created X-ray “slices” from and used computers to establish the muscles and skin on a typical Semite skull. They also concluded that he was only around 150 centimetres tall and had short hair, probably with tight curls.

The team also said Jesus would be bearded and have short hair – likely with tight curls – in keeping with Jewish tradition.