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Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to share text, photos, videos and drawings. It’s free to download the app and free to send messages using it. It has become hugely popular in a very short space of time, especially with young people. There is one main feature that makes Snapchat different from other forms of texting and photo sharing, the messages disappear from the recipient’s phone after a few seconds.  Now you can do as much fun as Snapchat can be, sometimes there’s no getting around the FOMO that goes along with watching friends’ Snaps and Stories while you’re stuck at home doing nothing.

Snapchat is a mobile messaging application

Snapchat Follower tricks

Now, there’s a service that aims to help you trick your friends and followers into thinking you’re having a fun night out even though you’re just hanging at home. It probably won’t make you feel better about yourself, but it could help you try to save face with your friends (or it could go terribly wrong.)

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This website will help you trick your Snapchat followers. website dedicated to helping you spoof Snapchat videos so your friends will think you’re somewhere you’re not. Like a concert, or walking down the street (which is apparently an acceptable alternative.) features

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It was created by the founders of Casper. The website has 10 different clips of parties, concerts, bars and other nighttime exploits – each with the kind of background noise you’d expect. Choose the scene you want to Snap and the website cycles through a 10-second clip you can record on Snapchat.

Of course, the whole thing is more of a joke or marketing stunt than anything else. It was created by the founders of Casper, the mattress startup, but the whole thing is just functional enough to sort of work.

The scenes themselves are, well, pretty generic – a dinner party, a taxi-filled street, a street vendor’s hot dogs – and the accompanying soundtracks aren’t great (you can turn them off luckily.)

But what does a social media addicted millennial do to keep people thinking you’re having fun, and not actually staying home?

Enter Late Night Snap Hacks, a quick and easy way to send out a Snapchat or Instagram Story that looks like you’re having a ball while you’re actually asleep.

There are 10 different scenes to choose from, including and a concert, a night club and a food market. The only thing you have to do is whip out your phone and snap wherever you want your friends to think you are.

Depending on the screen you’re using it looks anywhere between kind-of-realistic to why-is-he-filming-his-screen. However, the real thing you should be worried about is if you should really care about all this.

There’s also the small matter of trying to record in such a way that doesn’t make it obvious you’re recording off a display (don’t forget to move the mouse before you start).

With the right light and setup you might just be able to actually trick some of your friends. Maybe. But remember, you’ll have to live with the embarrassment if they find out, so bring your best Snap game before you do.