Tempting Professions That Drive Every Girl Crazy

Tempting Professions that drive every girl crazy, what kind of guy a girl likes, there are certain guys that have a better chance than the rest of us at meeting women and driving them crazy; and mainly those are the guys with really cool jobs. No man should be judged by his profession but that doesn’t necessarily imply that there aren’t certain career choices made by guys cannot make women swoon.

Guys, this is vital. Hear me out on this one, it could turn out to be really helpful for you. Yes, you have the looks but these professions will be like the cherry on the top. Women will go crazy for you if practice one of the following professions.

Check it out.



A male pilot stands outside of a corporate jet aircraft, reviewing a flight log book..

2. Engineers and Hackers and coders


Engineers hackers and coders are a sought after breed. Beauty (handsome in your case) and brains is what they are looking for.

3. Actor


Actor Chris Pine, from the upcoming film “The Finest Hours,” poses for a portrait at The London hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. Pine, 35, has established himself as one of the most recognizable stars of his generation. His third “Star Trek” movie is coming this summer, followed by “Wonder Woman” in 2017. His latest, “The Finest Hours,” is out Friday, Jan. 29. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

4. Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur is brilliant; Entrepreneur is powerful; Entrepreneur is fearless; and Entrepreneur either is making, or has a desire to make a ton of money. It’s the drive to be successful, working hours upon hours to ensure you make something of his business. Women really appreciate the factor that you make your own decisions and not let the world do that for you.

5. Doctor


You save lives, hence you are already a hero for her.

6. Photographer


A guy who can find the beauty in every scenario and especially in the girl he loves, is the new sexy.

7. Writer


A writer can immortalize anything and that one thing makes you very very attractive.

8. Musician


Compose a special song for her and she’s all yours.

9. DJ


Producing your own beats – beats that get people on the dance floor. Being a disc jockey, aka DJ, is one cool job. Women love, and I mean love, the DJ. There is something just so inherently sexy about being that guy up there on stage at the club and making everyone dance, and making all of those bodies move.

10. Chef


Make your way to her heart through her stomach.