What are the Benefits of Social Media

Social Media: In recent days, our wake up start with social sites browsing. Every social site benefits to us, just we need to know how useful social media. Now we are analyzed Top Social sites based on some criteria: Brand exposure, Communication, and Traffic to your sites. You could find out which social site best suits your purpose and which social media sites could bring your message to the right people better. Furthermore, the ability to stay in contact with friends and family allows us to maintain closer ties to our loved ones across long distances.


  1. Facebook
  • Sharing
  • Chating
  • Mobile Facebook
  • Find School, College Friendship and Colleague
  • Business Promotion
  • Boredom Killer
  • Reconnecting with Old or Lost Friends/Colleagues


Benefits by using Facebook

  1.  Share basic information regards your Business, like about your  products and services by using facebook page.
  2. It has a low cost of marketing strategy while promoting the business.
  3. whenever events were happening, the invitation to relatives and friends is  lengthy will take, Facebook is the solution.
  4. Organising Public Events or gathering, Facebook is great way to send out invitations.
  5. Facebook ads allow you to target people of specific age, geographic location, interest, etc, making your ads most useful and effective.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn tagline’s “Relationships matter” is very appropriate to show us what this social network does. Professional should take advantage of LikedIn.



  • Make smart, right connections
  • Who do you want to meet?
  • Who do you want to meet you?
  • Link up on LinkedIn
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • Checking on what your competition is doing
  • Improve your ranking in search engines
  • Differentiating yourself from your competitors

Benefits by using LinkedIn

  1. Advantageous for job recruiters to seek for passive yet qualified job candidates to match them to the right job or profession.
  2. LinkedIn Search to Search for contacts in your email address lists who are already on LinkedIn.
  3. You would also be able to search alumni networks as indicated by your profile information to increase the chances of getting “connected” with the related people.
  4. If you are looking for solution for your current or interested industry, LinkedIn is great place to search for serious and professional answers.
  5. If you are thinking of extending the web of career network, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to facilitate to you.
  6. LinkedIn is a great starting place to prepare your resume and introduce your strengths and abilities to attract employers or recruiters to land in the profession you desire.

3. MySpace

MySpace uses by large Audience. Fossils of social media. Myspace, for many, was the gateway to the internet, and the first website we shared personal information. Myspace was gathering momentum: it was first internet phenomenon to go global; it interduced musicians to new audiences and set the entertainment industry on a new path, allowing fans to capture  quick look into the private lives of their celebrity Icons.


Benefits by using Myspace

  1. For Musicians
  2. For Music Producers
  3. Effective Online marketing

Musicians, You could create your portfolio or Collection of your own original music, not forgetting uploading of pictures, videos and Playlists. User Could comfortably play your songs via the music player. Creating Video channels also help to sustain your presence. For developers, you could create applications that can promote your website.

Music Producers who are on a search for new talents, you could learn more about uprising independent works and their popularity online.

My SpaceAds helps to run an effective online marketing campaign. You Could design your own advertisement, choose who is able to view it based on profile characteristics such as listed gender and locations, and pay based on the number of clicks the advertisement receives.


Digg is a social networking website featuring user-submitted news stories. Digg features links from the across the internet, ranging from widely known news sources obscure blogs. Digg also builds its own list of popular stories that are going viral across the Web.


Benefits by using Digg

Digg creates the new trend or the talking topic online as the Digg users discuss or vote for the topic that best interests them.

For Business entrepreneurs, you could search for popular and interesting topics that dominate over a period and decide for a niche market to enter.

Digg also serves as a valuable tool to keep track of news of business competitors. Any press releases about decisions made by business competitors and would eventually involve the consumers would likely to be “digged”. Hence, it is useful as a tool for PR monitoring.

For advertisers and marketing, you could watch  out for trends and highlights or matter that cause users to get excited and vote for it.

5. Twitter

Twitter is a social networking web application that provides users with the ability to share information. Twitter useful to Stay connected, Stay Informed, Promotion and Outreach, Research. Twitter users post status updates, news, jokes, events and other Information.

Post are limited to 140 Characters and can sent from and received via text messaging in addition to traditional desktop applications.


Benefits by using twitter

Twitter is a practical and useful way of  circulate information of your Companies or Organization online.

To attract attention, use catchy and intelligent copywriting when tweeting .

Whether you just got laid off your current job, twitter can help you get a new job. Many companies post their job openings on Twitter.

Twitter’s Search feature can be a great way to track trends or keep up with a particular subject.

Similar to Keeping up with your favourite team, you can also use the search feature to check out what the buzz is on the latest release at the theaters.

You could also follow related people who are in area of your business and interest and you can be assured of landing in the right network.