WhatsApp for Android gets document sharing feature

WhatsApp has finally rolled out the ability to share documents, both on the Android (2.12.453) and iOS (2.12.14) versions of the app. Till now you can share photos, videos and audio files with each other but there was no option to send document files. But now WhatsApp users able to share documents with each other over the chat. This feature is already rolling out and most of the device already got the updates from the play store. This new WhatsApp document sharing feature is available for Android and iOS users.


The document sharing feature of WhatsApp allows users to only share PDF files for now. This means that there is no support for .doc, .xls and other commonly used file formats; there is no official word on when the company will start supporting these.


The document sharing feature of WhatsApp allows users to only share PDF files for now.

The latest beta release of WhatsApp has added the first stage of document sharing. The WhatsApp update to v2.12.493 introduces a new documents icon to the paperclip attachments list, but for now the only type of document you can add is a PDF. To use the feature, both the sender and receiver must be on the same version of WhatsApp.

In order to share files, you need to tap the attachment icon on the top right of the screen in a chat window and select the ‘Document’ option. This opens a list of PDF files stored in the system, but the navigation does not let you open specific folders.

Here’s how to share documents

  • To share a document, you need to use the attachment option.
  • Select ‘Document‘ from the list.
  • It shows the documents available in your phone.
  • Currently it supports only PDF.
  • You can choose the document and send it to a person or a group.

On Android, the same appears upon clicking the attach icon where there is now a ‘Document’ icon instead of a ‘Video’ one. Tapping on the same will show you all the locally stored documents on your device, where you can select and send the same.

Document Sharing feature

This update, however, has not been released to all Android users via Google Play Store. Those who are yet to receive the document sharing feature can click this link (WhatsApp) and download the install file directly from the official website.

If you’re the file manager type, you’ll also have a new Documents folder in your WhatApp Media Folder and you can now check the Documents box in the Media Auto-Download settings in WhatsApp. While this latest update is restricted to PDFs for now, it shouldn’t be long before other documents types get supported as well.

Let’s hope that WhatsApp will soon launch the feature that allows to support other file formats as well. Share the post if like the Whatsapp document sharing feature.