WhatsApp – to get video calling soon – Everyone’s favourite app

WhatsApp might soon get a video calling feature. Facebook has been promising to add video calling to WhatsApp for over a year now and it looks like they could be on the cusp of releasing the feature in the coming days and weeks. A German website Macerkopf revealed screenshots of the WhatsApp video calling feature that shows an ongoing video call in WhatsApp on iOS. If the screen shots are real, WhatsApp’s video calling interface is somewhat similar to its voice calling one. The layout of video calls shows two windows, one each for the caller and the person who has received the call. Users can mute the call and also switch between the front and back cameras.


WhatsApp photos shows video chat:

The official version of WhatsApp, which is currently in the iOS App Store, carries the version number 2:12:12, The website said to their knowledge, screenshots are taken from WhatsApp’s internal build version which has yet to be released. Officially there has been no word from WhatsApp on the speculated feature but is expected to arrive sometime next year.

Based on Macerkopf website: After WhatsApp has already introduced VoIP telephony few weeks ago, the developers are now working on a video chat feature, as we know, for example, FaceTime or Skype. You can make calls with a WhatsApp friend future not only by voice but also via video chat. In full screen is your opposite and shown in the small picture you see your check image. This can be moved on the display. Your can also mute and switch between the front and rear camera.

Features: These features actually may come(Macerkopt site)

  • WhatsApp’s video calling interface is somewhat similar to its voice calling one.
  •  The colour of WhatsApp “green” increasingly become the focus.
  • In addition, tabs are tested, this feature will put multiple chat tabs at your fingerprint.
  • This will let you quickly switch between individual conversations without needing to go back to WhatsApp’s chat list.
  • The video preview shows the caller will be shown full screen, with your own video overlaid top of it in a small preview window that you’ll be able to move around the reposition on the screen as you like.

with these new features, WhatsApp will now enter into a full-fledged competition with applications like Skype.

It will be interesting to see how well WhatsApp call performs via its video-calling feature and whether it satisfies people or not. In India WhatsApp voice calling feature announced this year(2015).