How to Use WhatsApp on iPad | Download WhatsApp Messenger

Use WhatsApp on Your iPad: In this article, you can get information about how to use WhatsApp App for iPad. You may want to download official WhatsApp iPad app in the app store but you can’t find it because of some reasons. It means you have to use WhatsApp web client or alternative WhatsApp app for iPad.

Download Whatsapp on iPad

How to Use WhatsApp on iPad

There three ways to Download Whatsapp for iPad

  1. The best Whatsapp app for iPad is Chatmate. This Chatmate for WhatsApp helps you to get same as like original WhatsApp. There are many WhatsApp apps available on the iPad. Most of them does not work properly which means using apps like this you will get more ads, it’s very difficult to use. To get rid of this problem we can Download Chatmate.
  2. If you really want to use WhatsApp on your iPad then you should get onboard the Chatmate train. It is amazingly reliable and joy to use. The basic rules are the same as using WhatsApp web client. This app mainly gives second screen of WhatsApp data that’s already on your iPhone.
  3. To connect WhatsApp in your iPad just open the app scans the QR code. That’s it now you can happily use WhatsApp in iPad. Chatmate will support split view and slide over modes on iPads.

Step by Step to Download WhatsApp for iPad (2nd method)

As mentioned below, here you require a Smartphone to WhatsApp installed on iPad. Make sure that WhatsApp is installed and verified on your Smartphone and follow the given steps.

  1. First Open the Safari browser on your iPad
  2. Enter the URL in the search box “” and tap on “Go”
  3. Request Screen shows you WhatsApp web access QR Code
  4. Scan the QR Code with your Smartphone
  5. Now, Enjoy WhatsApp Feature on Apple iPad

Once the QR code has been verified by your smartphone you should be seeing all your WhatsApp messages on iPad.

Note: On iPad WhatsApp Web you will not be able to receive notifications like mobile or PC or Mac.

Additional Features:     

  • In this app you won’t see any ads so the app loads quickly and there is no pause between threads.
  • In plus you are getting amazing features like dark mode which looks great on Retina iPad pro.
  • Touch id will help you to secure the app.
  • You can also increase font size, change the wallpaper and also get delivering notifications
  • You can easily see WhatsApp status; send voice notes, photos and documents.

The official WhatsApp app for iPad might release then you never need your iPhone because iPad has cellular connectivity. In case you can use Chatmate for best and effective experience of WhatsApp on your iPad.