Shocking video! Woman dies while getting off moving train in Mumbaio

Mumbai women dies while trying to deboard a moving train. A woman lost her life on 15 th January after falling off from a running train between platform and train at the Borivali railway station. The deceased, Kiran Devi Thakor, got unbalanced while de-boarding from Vadodara Express and succumbed. She slipped and fell on the track while trying to deboard a moving train.

The video shows the horrifying moment a woman being dragged down under a moving train as she was trying to get down from the train onto the platform. Eventually, she was crushed to death under the train wheels.

The women was identified as Kiran Devi Thakor(55-year old) and she tried to deboard from a moving train before stopping. She lost her balance while getting down and was dragged into the track. He desperately tried to save her as she slowly slipped into the gap between the train and the platform but within moments, she had fallen under the carriage.

As per reports, the train arrived at the station at 3:50 pm and suddenly started moving at 4:00 pm. As some of the woman’s family had not boarded the train, they decided to get off the train.